Ykiki Beat  

"Farewell Party" & "Garden"

While we were in Tokyo recently, we met up with a young band named Ykiki Beat. Still in college, they took us on a personal tour of the vibrant Harajuku area. You've probably seen images of Harajuku: girls in bright outlandish dresses, super fashionable youths and glowing neon lights. We saw all of that. They then took us to their favorite record store which was filled with all the same wax that you'd find in an American indie record shop plus a few surprises. 


It was a short walk from there to the coolest little bar/venue we've ever been to called Bar Bonobo. The best way to describe the space is what a Hobbit house would look like in the future. They performed two songs for us there; "Farewell Party" and "Garden."

"Farwell Party"