Stereo League

"Summer Eyes Official Music Video" 

Stereo League is a Philadelphia-based recording project and musical collective started by songwriter Alexander Savoth. While most of the songs for Stereo League have been written by Savoth, the essence of the project is steeped in collaboration. With the help of a rotating cast of talented artists and friends, Stereo League has begun to shape itself into a unique amalgamation of styles and influences. Live performances vary from solo acoustic sets to full band orchestral performances. Their first singles were released in July of 2017. They are currently working on more material for a debut LP.


Out of Town Films and Stereo League took a trip to the Pine Barrens to film a music video for a new release, "Summer Eyes," along with two acoustic sessions for Savoth's previously relesaed songs "Your Ghost" and "Don't Lay Your Head Down," which you can watch below.  

"Your Ghost" 

"Don't Lay Your Head Down"