Speedy Ortiz

"No Below" 

We met Speedy Ortiz after their gig at Space 1026 in the Chinatown section of Philadelphia. The space serves as an artist collective, with various studios located throughout the building while playing host to a show or two every once and a while. 


The room was still crowded with several different groups of teenagagers who stood around with their friends and moms, patiently waiting for Thurston Moore to finish packing up so they could say hello. He had played there that night as well, with Speedy opening for his band. Unfortunately Moore's guitar was stolen later that night from his hotel, so in a way we'd like to dedicate this session to the potential recovery of that guitar. 


Once the room cleared out, we set up shop where the band had played prior. They played us a version of a song called 'No Below.'