Carsick Cars

 "15 Minutes Older"

Late last year while editing some other sessions, we came across this ridiculously low airfare to Beijing from Philadelphia and immediately purchased the ticket without hesitation. We didn't know what we were going to do necessarily, but we figured we'd try to meet up with some local bands as we do any time we travel.


Thankfully the internet exists and we connected with a local Beijing DJ via Facebook without too much trouble. We saw some Chinese bands' pages he had liked, and after some research and a few emails later, we were connected with the publicist for Maybe Mars, a Beijing based independent record label. They were more than accommodating with the idea of us filming some of their artists, and even offered up their space, XP Bar, as a location to film. Think of it as your local music venue that houses both the record label upstairs and a divey space of a music and bar space below. To us, it seems if you are involved in the Beijing scene this is where you would hang out and want to play. 


As mentioned, we were offered to shoot with four different bands while we were in Bejing. The first being Carsick Cars, perhaps the most prominent Chinese indie-rock band at present. They just released a new album, 3, and are currently touring around America. Here's a song from that album called 15 Minutes Home.