Ballet School 

Any time we travel to a new city, we reach out via the Internet in hopes of anyone knowing of a band in the city we're in and if they'd like to film with us. The results we've gotten are very interesting so far, dating back to last year with a few sessions we filmed in Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam.

I was in Europe and was fortunate enough to travel to Berlin. Again it started with reaching out through the massive tubes of the Internet, ultimately getting pointed in the direction of a lovely Berlin band called Ballet School. So I hopped on a train one evening and got off at Frankfurter Alle. I was greeted by Ballet School's vocalist Rosie Blair, who's blonde hair, red lipstick and large grey coat she said to look for were easy to find amidst the train station crowd.

We talked while making our way towards the bands rehearsal space, Rosie explaining this particular neighborhoods history as we walked. We arrived to "Subland" a few minutes later where I met the other two members of the band, Louis and Miguel. What came next were two performances of songs of theirs performed slightly different from their usual nature, the first of which being a track called "Ghost" and the second called "Crush Alternative."