Awkward i

"Angelica Tells Me" & "The Unknown Character"

 We tweeted out to the world the morning we arrived, "Hey Amsterdam. We're in your city. Any recommendations for artists/bands we should shoot a session with?" and just like in every other city we got a few replies. One band The Black Atlantic, who were recommended to us by Tim Boelaars in NYC, were out of town that day so they recommended their good friend, Awkward i.


It was our last night of a two week adventure in Europe and it was our last session we had planned. Djurre de Haan, aka Awkward i, invited us out to a small gig he was playing for a friend's poetry reading at a place called Cafe Cox. By the time we had met up with him, his day had been a long one indeed. His grandmother had passed away a few days before and he had attended (and performed) at her cremation earlier that day in a town in the north of the Netherlands. Despite that, he was still more than happy to hang with us for a little while. Something we were very appreciative of and will always remember.


After Djurre played a quick set for the crowd and after we listened to poetry in Dutch(where we didn't understand a single word,) we retreated into the kitchen area of Cafe Cox and found two back storage rooms where he would play. The rooms were very small and enclosed which provided the perfect amount of natural reverb for his performances of "Angelica Tells Me" and "The Unknown Character".